About the Brand

We have created dynamic interpretations of popular culture imagery that cater to a core demographic of those aged 18-40 depending on the Band/Brand, with an appetite for trendy contemporary products featuring designs that extend beyond traditional boundaries by using licenses and artists.

  • Get Down Art was established in 2006 as an artist agency and trend analysis marketing company. We specialize in developing Fine Artists and creating artwork that sells and trends in the retail environment.
  • From 2006 – 2014, we primarily sold posters and canvas prints and licensed our ARTWORK to several major apparel companies.
  • When we were not getting the sales we anticipated, we launched our own apparel division. This when we experienced exponential growth.
  • In February 2017, GDA partnered with a South American Apparel Consortium located in El Salvador who owns several companies worldwide.
  • They specialize in manufacturing of apparel goods and currently private label several US Fashion Brands. This allowed GDA to focus on art development and distribution while we have a major manufacturing powerhouse that can create and deliver any type of garment imaginable.
  • Now in 2018, we are expanding our brand and adding GDA Tours, a full service tour merchandiser